Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making some "Girl candy"

For the new year I made a new year resolution to change my priorities! I have worked day and night for the past 4-5 years . I have recently sold my salon I owned and have a new commitment to my family and home life. That said I am now going crazy doing all the things I forgot how much I loved! I am getting ready for spring now! I have my Easter decorations out! And I am crafting a lot of fun things I'll be sharing with you. Yay!! Bring on spring! Here I am sharing one of my Easter displays with my ( hand made( new bunny my husband bought for me this weekend. He is adorable with little chicks and all hand sewn! Along side him is my little Easter candy buffet. I am making some fun hand towels and a table topper I'll share a little later. Keep watching! Follow me and share my blog!

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