Monday, March 11, 2013

Grandma fun!

I couldn't resist! Brooke had headed out to the salon to have her Girly time and get her lashes done leaving grandma in charge of baby La la . I found myself thinking ....why should she get all the fun. Well , it didn't take long for me to decide... We need a lil spa day here! So grandma picked out some polish, and went to work. We used OPI you're a Pisa work . This lovely Girly pink with a smidgen of glitta and a little black striped for the zebra stripes. We topped it all off With CND shellac so baby wouldn't smudge it. Oh! what fun ! It must have been exhausting for baby La la. For the moment we finished she drifted off into a lovely baby sleep. Sweet dreams baby Olivia.. <3

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