Saturday, March 2, 2013

If you have not had the opportunity to try out the Shellac Power polish, You should book your appointment and get in now. I love the product and am totally addicted! I only wish I could share every transformation with you. I have this great before and after for you to check out. Make sure to checkout her cuticles too! Anyone can have beautiful nails with the help of a great nail tech. here is some advise I can give you on how to choose your nail tech. Along with all the other safety issues I have posted about on my girl candy page ,!/girlcandybydiana?fref=ts  "know when to go", Make sure you ask them lots of questions. If they seem  UN educated and can not explain in depth what shellac is,  don't use them, find another nail tech. No shellac is not a "gel polish"!  it is a power polish! the big difference is that CND Shellac does not require filing of the natural nail. Never should your nail tech file your nail to apply or remove shellac  other than shaping the free edge of your natural nail.

Follow me on my girl candy by Diana White page and always feel free to message me with questions. thanks and enjoy these before and afters.. more to come so keep watching!

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