Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall is in the air.

So how lovely is this weather?  I have to say fall is one of my favorite seasons.  We'll, okay every season is my favorite. Lol. I can't imagine living somewhere the seasons do not bring change. Each season is completely magical in it's own right here in Utah. Winters first snow storm is like a new magic show every year! Sledding and snowmen are some of my favorite memories from days gone by   When my children were young.  I love the spring miracle   of all the buds bursting out of the soil  and the look of  a beautiful green newly sprouted field with the snow capped mountains in the back ground. 
   I love the heat of the summer with the ripe Cherri's fresh veggies, and the beautiful lakes full of cool water beckoning you to jump in and cool off.  
   Then there is fall. Beautiful fall!  It doesn't get much better than this.  Cool nights and warm days.  Color in the mountains and all the great  things that  come to us to harvest .
Pumpkins, squash, apples..  Today was a dream of a fall day. Spent with mom and my Daughter  Brooke , picking apples from moms old house, dehydrating them,

 making bird feeders with my grandson Kasen for those birds that have chosen to stAy for the winter.
We rolled apples and pine cones in peanut butter then in seeds.  And tied them with ribbon.. 

We made some yummy Carmel apple pie filling that we will spoon on our icecream this evening after dinner for a nice fall desert. 
 Mmm. I have to say ,  I appreciate all this beautiful Utah fall day has to offer me and my family. 

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