Monday, September 15, 2014

Yay. My craft room re-do is almost finished!

One of my walls with a book of one if my favorite designers Joanna Figueroa and a quilt I put together at our quilt retreat at the quilt barn in Kimberly Idaho.  It's a darling place and I'll definitely be returning there!  

This is the wall just above my very large cutting table.  My cutting table measures 36x80 inches.  I'll post later with better pictures and how I did that.  

I have been organizing and decorating!  It's been almost a year and I have to say I'm just like most everyone else..  I fizzled out.  Who knows how long it would have been if I had not been so inspired by my friends Debbie and Julie who have been posting the most fun pictures ever of their own sewing / craft studio journey.   Not to worry,  I'll post some pictures of their adorable rooms as well and if you can't wait for that. Here is a link to debbies adorable blog. (While your there take a your of her cute little house.   ) she is also found as busy as can bee. So any whooooo..  Here are the pictures you have been waiting for!  
Keep in mind,  I'm still finalizing a few things!  I'll post an update again when I'm getting closer.  Hopefully we won't have to wait a year!  Lol. Follow me on Pinterest and I have  2 face book pages one for nails it's called girl candy nail boutique and one for quilting.  ...  And she quilts.  .. You can also find me on Instagram.  Girl candy nail boutique
Come back soon !  Thanks for visiting!  Diana 💗

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