Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just a little pick me up for summer!

Here is a fun treat to kick those hot summer days up a notch.  Low effort and the yummy flavor  will keep calling you to drink some more.  We all need to drink lots of fluids and stay away from soda ( this is particularly difficult for me!  I am a diet coke addict!  Lol) to keep our bodies hydrated.  I started with country time lemonade made from concentrate.  I just followed the standard directions.  You can use your usual lemonade.  I usually use crystal light and that is very low calorie and I think it's my favorite flavor!  Then cut some fresh mint from my yard muddled it in the lemonade and poured a smudge of sugar free coconut syrup into each glass to taste.  Then added one more sprig of mint to my glass just for decoration.  It turned out so good.  I have also done muddled strawberries in my lemonade too!  The sky's the limit.  Try all the syrup favors they are a easy delightful addition to any fruity drink!  Hope you enjoy this summer time cool down as much as I do!  Leave some comments and let me know how yours turn out and what variations you try!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!  

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