Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Girls night ....Nail Tech Style!

So,... Many of you may know I am infamous for my toe parties! I have this weird thing ..I Love to do toes! Something about the before and after that drives me wild with happiness! Strange but factual!  I just plain Love feet. Each little piggy is so cute when its topped with a fabulous coat of color or glitter. You may or may not know I have recently moved salons and I am finally settled in and ready to host my first tootsie girlie get together. My friends Rebecca, Robin and a new found friend Mindy. YOu can be sure there will be lots of Glitter involved along with some Jewels, sticker, stamps, liners, and  Diet Coke! So stay tuned for some of the pictures of the creations we end up with! For now I will leave you with some pictures of  some of my predeceasing toe Parties.. Please comment and let me know which are your favorite toes.

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